Coffee Blossom -Aromatic

In India, coffee estates are sited along the Western Ghats amidst the misty mountain landscapes. One of the most widespread beverage, an export commodity and a main source of income to most of the planters, the dependency lies greatly on it to make a living.

Coffee blossoms or the coffee flowers is one of the most glorious and priceless sight, it’s definitely a treat to the eye and I recommend everybody in this world to experience it. In South India, it’s a common sight in Coorg, Shakleshpur and Chickmanglur in the month of Feb- March. The flowers bloom post the irrigation or after showers. If the rainfall is even, the estate look bedecked with beautiful white blossom and one can feel the aroma which is so therapeutic.  It is an experience that is best when it is felt.

16388228_1426510804034713_4215543008062244905_n (1)
This picture of coffee blossom (last season) is from my dad’s estate in Coorg. This was shared with me to ensure I get to see the aromatic and the gorgeous blossoms that bloom every year after showers or the irrigation.

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