Little did I dream that I would take off from the ground and jump from the plane! It was a pleasant morning and I am all set to skydive for the very first time falling thousands of feet through the air, it was my way to celebrate my existence of little more than three decades on this planet. Whichever way you slice it, jumping out of a plane voluntarily- is pure madness.

My desire to skydive began two years ago when I took my parents to the JBR beach which was near to the drop zone. From then on I dreamt of jumping off the speeding plane. Meant to do this during my last birthday, but I was under the weather. I finally set up my appointment a month back for the 3rd of April 2017, 11 AM slot. I could hardly contain my excitement when I set up my appointment and the countdown began. I only wished weather didn’t play a spoil sport and thanked god for the beautiful day.

17807628_1485994551419671_7522981244708737801_o (1)

I arrive to the venue half past ten. I checked in at the reception where basically they check your height and weight and you sign your life away and waive the Tandem of any liability in the event of a mishap -injury or death. I read all the safety rules, this looked to me as the hardest part where I am gambling my life, but in reality I didn’t feel anything as I didn’t want to go home without diving that day! I was told to wait and hear out for my name when the instructor calls.

After 45 minutes, I could hear the instructor singing my name aloud. I met my tandem instructor Mr. Benjamin; he briefed me quickly about the process while zipping up my thick harness. Knees bent, hands on the shoulder ,head back, jump. Post this, I was taken aside for a short interview –why skydive, how are you feeling?, Any message to the family etc. In my slot we were a group of 6 with instructors and photographers. We took a short ride in the buggy to approach the plane.I squeezed in beside my instructor Mr. Benjamin. Within moments, we were in the air and quickly climbing to our target altitude of 14,000 feet. Crisp, cold air soothing my heated face when the clear, garage-like door at the end of the airplane opens. My photographer sits near the edge of the door, so calm and relaxing, enjoying the beauty of the mother earth. I ponder that moment, how fun it could be if we were allowed to do this on our long flights.

17758508_1485994624752997_1532727444430236027_o (1).jpg

The raising of the door means we are more than a mile above ground. The door closes after a few moments again and when it reopens, we will be flinging ourselves from the deck. I causally begin chatting with my tandem instructor while he fastens the harness. I was shocked and surprised when he told me he has had 7000 jumps in his career and I knew I could completely rely on him. With that in mind, the fear bumping around in my stomach vanishes, and I fully trust Benjamin to take care of me.

The frigid wind encompasses me again, and I know it is time to take the literal leap of faith. I was the first tandem jumper in line, and I move to the opening, confident yet expecting to be overwhelmed with apprehension when standing on the edge. Before I could recall the instructions- knees bent, head back , hand on the harness , I was out of the plane. We leap through the air, the free-fall, full of spins to take in the full view of the beautiful palm, lasts a full minute but pleasantly seems longer. I felt as if I was suspended in the sky completely detached from the rest of the world and I was completely calm, smiling and relishing the fresh air that was gushing. Far away from any worries or stress. What a beautiful moment!

17807284_1485994798086313_6806785516638262830_o (1)

I didn’t want the free fall to end, Benjamin deploys our parachute and the cords tug firmly but gently on us as we slow our descent. No longer falling hundreds of feet a second, the five-ten minute ride is incredibly quiet. Benjamin checked every few seconds, if I was comfortable. Throughout the landing, he spoke about how he loved this country, how he loved his job and asked about my country too! Thank you!

17637085_1485994981419628_8909736846468466621_o (1)

I didn’t want my skydiving experience to end, but, before I knew it, I was stretching my legs in front of me for the landing. The ground doesn’t hurt as we slide across it for a few yards, completing the journey. I stand up a completely renewed woman, knowing that this will not be my last jump. The anticipation, the fall, the view…everything about skydiving was incredible.

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