Caramel Custard Vs Spun Sugar

Sub: Lunch with two lovely friends
Venue: Undisclosed location
Cuisine: American

Cocktails sipped and main course relished amidst all our conversations and laughter, the two ladies were up to their neck while I made some space for the desserts. Those who know me closely,will never let go off me and ensure I have my share of desserts. This is one of the way to keep me happy on a gloomy day.
Long story cut short, I zeroed on to caramel custard which is one of my favourite, tasty and light. And here it comes as you can see in the pic in all its glory. I ponder from where do I begin and start with the spun sugar. Alas! First mistake of the day. That prick, unexplainable! First prick immediately reminded me of the thorns in the rose plant in mom’s garden. Second, took me to the dental chair. Before I encountered third, I told myself to the genius who invented this to find a polished way of torturing with his/ her recipe. Nevertheless, didn’t know that, a known devil is better than an unknown angel can go wrong too!

Caramel Custard topped with spun sugar

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