Dad’s Birthday, The Least I could Do – 26/05/2016

My birthday’s never excited me than Dad’s! It’s more of a festival and with each passing year I eagerly looked forward to it and send him some gifts. But the year 2016 was different. I did look forward, did the countdown too, but circumstances made me not just forget that his birthday was fast approaching, I indeed had to forget myself. Well, it was only on the eve of the birthday I did realise what a special day its tomorrow back home. Living miles away, I couldn’t fly home, I couldn’t arrange for a good gift immediately. All I could think and do was writing a memoir and share with dad,  family and friends. And I am glad it happened this way, else I wouldn’t have penned my thoughts. Below is the write up, I penned three years ago! Tomorrow is a big day back home! The place where I grew up with fond memories. And  part of those memories is of a very special person bonded to my heart with love. Today I write to celebrate that bondage and love as a gift and token of my gratefulness as he celebrates his 67th birthday. His birthday is just another day for him and most of them around, but for me it has been more or less like a festival every year. I celebrate and rejoice his existence and his everlasting love for me. As a child, I do not remember celebrating any of my birthday’s this way. The feeling is not as special as this is. No extra perks for guessing who this person is! I am sure you all know. All my “firsts” are with him. My first love, my first ever bike ride, my first Tarzan movie and the daily bed time stories! He was my first driving instructor, my first TT coach and what not! This affair is meant to be lengthy and everlasting. My love for music is because of him. There is no count on  the number of times I have listened to the song “Dil hoom hoom kare” from Rudali (Bollywood) it’s one of his favourites. It was mandatory to play music while we sat for dinner and those dining table conversations are priceless, I miss it! My brother and I were never spanked. Too tough to be accepted by many, while we were branded as pampered kids. But yes, we have had our share of advice’s on life, stressing on discipline and respect for people on quite a few occasions, else we would have been  spoilt brats. If not for his struggles, we would not have been where we are today. Nothing has come easy for us as a family, but we sailed through all because of him and mom. It taught me to be strong, patient and above all we bonded ever more and stood by each other no matter what! Today, I am miles away from him, but on the eve of his birthday I fondly remember this gentle soul, MY FATHER, MY EVERYTHING, MY FIRST OF ALL GOOD THINGS. I miss him.I cherish every memory so fondly which would not have been so good if not for you DAD! I hope and pray you live long life, happy birthday Dad and yet again my birthday’s doesn’t seem to be more exciting to me than yours!

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