Dad’s Birthday, The Least I could Do – 26/05/2016

My birthday's never excited me than Dad's! It's more of a festival and with each passing year I eagerly looked forward to it and send him some gifts. But the year 2016 was different. I did look forward, did the countdown too, but circumstances made me not just forget that his birthday was fast approaching, … Continue reading Dad’s Birthday, The Least I could Do – 26/05/2016

Caramel Custard Vs Spun Sugar

Sub: Lunch with two lovely friends Venue: Undisclosed location Cuisine: American Cocktails sipped and main course relished amidst all our conversations and laughter, the two ladies were up to their neck while I made some space for the desserts. Those who know me closely,will never let go off me and ensure I have my share … Continue reading Caramel Custard Vs Spun Sugar